Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Once and future HERMS

School has started again as have the multitude of projects I find to distract myself from it.

I am close to completing an electric 240 volt HERMS brewing unit - I already have a small control panel box that I have been using to do electric boils which I need to expand to having a PID.

here is the control box - the knob is for the pulse width modulator which controls the flow of electricity to the element in the boil kettle

I will post pictures of all the equipment and fittings as they arrive.

I have already removed the lids from all my kegs - three in all - 1 Hot Liquor Tank, 1 Boil Kettle that is 90% complete, and one Mash Lauter Tun that needs one more hole drilled and a fitting soldered on.

I suffered a great loss of beer a while ago - an infected carboy has been ruining my beer - something I have tried to fix.

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