Sunday, August 14, 2011

Will it fit? Freezer edition.

I just answered a question that has been with me since birth:

Will a 26 cubic foot freezer fit into the back of a 1997 Jeep Cherokee?

Answer: More or Less.

Question: Will a 26 cubic foot freezer fit into a Jeep Cherokee while still allowing me to drive whilst not looking like a complete pud?

Answer: No, I looked like a pud.

I am not a small man...6'2 and 208 pounds as of this morning. The seats are normally positioned all the way back and not just so I can hear the anguished screams of one of  my passengers as the seat rests  on their knees. Instead its because as a plus sized man I require plus sized room. Really I just have the seats where it seems most comfortable and allows me to drive without looking like a very tall Simpsons character in a certain small automobile.

The freezer fit, and while I had to load it myself the drive home was uneventful despite the back hatch being held down with tie downs and my seat being so far forward that my knees have dents in them.

to what end did I bring home this beast? well I want to stuff it full of beer and put it in my living room of course. As an ever evolving avid home-brewer and husband to a far too accepting wife I continue to get deeper into the hobby of making alcoholic beverages. I acquired 13 five gallon soda kegs, enough for a lot of beer. Which is good because I have a lot of malted barley which is good because I have a lot of carboys and fermenters which is good because I love good beer which is because I have 5 kids.

It will become a KEEZER. A freezer modified to chill to above freezing temperatures and it will be glorious. I had planned on adding it to our kitchen as a way to expand counter space. I know what you're thinking: Ian there is no counter space in freezers! its like buying real-estate in a housing boom- it only ends in divorce and sadness. But no I say, I will build a custom cabinet for it and a massive butcher block counter top to fit onto it, greatly increasing our counter space. It would have been useful and beautiful. but Alas the kitchen cannot accept a gift of such girth. If only we could get rid of the stove....

much of my inspiration will come from where many before me have devoted time and energy( and a little cash) to creating things that eject cold beer in a pleasing manner. see the link here:

After leafing through that post I got some ideas and now just have to slowly build the beast.

I will add updates as my progress continues. It will live in the garage for now...but soon.....

I just started cleaning out the Beast and here is the first photo.

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