Saturday, August 13, 2011

Anyone for Tennis and Tomatoes?

Today was the first cooler day we have had in quite a while. My phone tells me that today the mercury has only risen to 80 degrees and there are several dire looking warning symbols along the top telling me to expect rain. I remain skeptical as I've been lied to in the past. Looking behind our house I see a dull gray sky and looking further west I see something that looks as if it could be an approaching storm. Lets see if nature sees fit to water our plants, as we are remiss in doing so quite often. 

Despite our garden neglect we got a pretty good haul of tomatoes this year. We planted 27 tomato plants ranging from Cherokee Purple to Black Cherry( my personal favorite cherry tomato) Romas and Sungold. Willow is in charge of ordering plants in the winter so we got a bunch of neat seedlings shipped promptly in the late spring.

Finn, our 2 year old, got me outside to play tennis with him, otherwise known as lots of hitting a ball with rackets while I try to pick vegetables and hang /unhang laundry. Todays haul: 19 Roma tomatoes and 2 Ox Heart tomatoes. There are a lot more out there but that was what I could fit into the pockets of my shorts while avoiding a tennis ball pummeling.

What will they become? Tonight's dinner most likely. although we have already made ketchup, sauce, and paste. As well as about 8 pints of dehydrated Sun Dried tomatoes.  

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